Precision farming systems
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FARM42 is a customizable online platform for planning and operating precision agricultural activities. Increase the profit-generating ability of your estate with us!

What FARM42 can do?

FARM42 is a self-learning, complex-data collecting, data processing and automated precision agricultural system based on artificial intelligence. Its aim is to enable farmers of the modern age to make informed decisions about their production, based on real data, and to be able to maximize their realized profits by taking the highest quality expectations into account.


Why FARM42?

Giving real power to farmers
To be able to meet new challenges, a farmer needs to collect large amounts of data, process them, interpret them, and establish new rules. What many hundreds or even thousands of years of experience have built up should now be reproduced in just a few years. In addition, the challenges of the market, the feeding of a dramatically growing population, and the continuous deterioration and erosion of soils are all exacerbating the difficulties. The achievements of the modern age - IT, sensors, imaging, intelligent solutions - can provide effective help and answers to all this. FARM42 gives farmers exactly that power. Precise data-based planning (application, irrigation), continuous monitoring and reliable forecasting are the benefits of digitization.
Reducing the burden on the environment
One of the most damaging achievements of the twenty-first century is forced consumption without limits. This applies also to pesticides, nutrients (fertilizers) and irrigation water. The appearance of most plant diseases (eg fungi) depends solely on weather and environmental factors. With data collection and forecasting supported by smart solutions, it is possible to tell, for example, exactly when to spray chemical agents. Excessive fertilization easily passes through a leached soil, having no effect, but when it reaches the groundwater it makes contact with water bases, turning it nitritic and eventually harming the health of consumers. All this can be avoided with careful planning and optimization.
Optimizing production
Our solution allows a farmer to decide what is most important to him: increasing yields, improving profitability, or possibly significantly improving quality. The proposed technology depends on which of these is the most important aspect. Of course, one does not necessarily exclude the other, but there can be significant differences between the options. Properly designed, extensive, accurate data collection can be used to more accurately plan the use of expensive and, for some items, environmentally harmful materials. This applies to nutrients that are used without excess pesticides, leaking into the soil without leaching the benefits, and to excessively wasted water. Optimizing production can be tailored to the farmer's expectations.
In this phase, we check where the production area is located, what geostrategic, climatic, weather, cultural and other influences prevail in the given area. We review available satellite images, descriptions, and other publicly available information in advance. Based on all this, we get a preliminary picture of the possibilities of the target area.
Basic measures
Upon receiving an invitation to start the project, we go to the site and take soil samples, perform the necessary drone flights and imaging data collection in several rounds, and deploy our weather, ground and environmental sensor stations. Soil samples are sent to the laboratory and the results are recorded. In the software we create management zones and connect data collection processes.
Data collecting
The system automatically collects data and must perform drone flights from time to time to gather current and up-to-date information. More data is added to the system day by day, enriching the database, which continuously improves the capabilities of artificial intelligence.
Immediately after the start of the system, we will start training farmers and staff on using the system, background information, and why it is needed. These are all part of our part live and part online training plan.
It will, of course, take time for farmers to get used to the new methods. Our staff remains in contact to help with their daily work. Certain activities are also preferred to be done "remotely", and these activities are also enthusiastically performed by our professionals.
The correct interpretation of the received data, the interpretation of the suggestions and advice generated by the system is an extremely important task. Farmers must accept that the computer takes over some of their tasks and decisions. Many times they are confronted with traditions they think are logical, and their acceptance by a farmer does not take place overnight. It is therefore important that expert colleagues with expertise in agriculture give the farmers a hand with sufficient guidance, especially through the initial steps.
Farm in Turkey

The Adana region in Turkey has a long history of farming. A family business with more than 200 ha, headed by one of the most innovative Turkish farmers, who aims to reform farming in his region and, in the longer term, throughout Turkey.
One step ahead of the world
FARM42 is software based on complex next-generation artificial intelligence and has self-learning capabilities. Its aim is to clean, organize, analyze, and draw conclusions from the collected data.
FARM42 is software based on complex next-generation artificial intelligence and has self-learning capabilities. Its aim is to clean, organize, analyze, and draw conclusions from the collected data.
Technology + agricultural expertise = better quality, higher yields, lower costs, higher revenue and profit.
FARM42 is a technology developed by a software development company. Our primary goal is to provide intelligent problem solving and innovative applications that help our partners stay one step ahead in the agricultural market. With our help, it will be possible for farmers to grow healthier and better quality products with increased profitability. We take a new approach to agricultural product and software solutions and use our experience along the way.